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Book/Reading Collection

Designs based on the love of reading. 


Fall and Halloween T shirts and sweatshirts as well as water bottles... 

About Us

Lily Pad Designs was first formed in 2019 and really took off when COVID threw the world into chaos. I had more time to craft and to discover my talents as I was considered "non-essential" at the time. Since then, I have greately improved in my design skills and my abilities to produce excellent quality work. Although this small business is fairly new, I have been crafting my entire life through various mediums, thanks to my wonderful mother. She showed me not only how to express myself through art, but also how to work towards my dreams. I one day hope that I can teach my daughter these same lessons.

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Multimedia collage


Ready to ship handmade tumblers.   * Stainless Steel *Double Walled *Comes...